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Sleeping bag for babies and children 60 - 130 cm

Sleeping bag for babies and children 60 - 130 cm

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Sleeping bags in different sizes and colors

✓ 100% pure merino wool

✓ All-season sleeping bag

✓ 2-way zipper

What are the advantages of a sleeping bag for babies and children?

A sleeping bag ensures safety. Because it prevents the child from kicking and catching a cold while sleeping. Above all, however, the danger is taken that the child can suffocate, which is the case with a duvet at an early age.

In addition, a sleeping bag for babies and children offers security and comfort. Nothing can slip or be kicked away. This ensures that the child is always wrapped up warm.

Once dirty, the sleeping bag is quick and easy to clean and doesn't take up much space in the washing machine.

Why is pure merino wool beneficial?

Merino wool is a special type of wool produced by Merino sheep. The fiber is very fine and soft and has many unique properties that set it apart from other types of wool.

First of all, the material is very breathable and can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. This means that the sleeping bag keeps the body warm even during physical activity without the child sweating. Also is the Merino wool is able to regulate body temperature by storing body heat and releasing it when needed. This keeps the body pleasantly warm at different temperatures.

Merino wool is naturally odorless as it tends to absorb odors without releasing them. This means that a merino wool sleeping bag can be worn longer before they need to be washed.

The sleeping bag made of pure merino wool is very soft and does not scratch the skin - no comparison to other types of wool or mixed fabrics, which are often felt to be scratchy.

In addition, the purchase of this sleeping bag is sustainable . This is because merino sheep that produce merino wool are often raised in a sustainable manner, meaning the wool is more environmentally friendly than other materials.

Why should I take the sleeping bag for babies and children with me when I travel?

A sleeping bag is ideal for travel or overnight stays with friends or relatives, as it is easy to transport and gives the child a familiar sleeping experience, regardless of where they sleep.

material specifications

Our products are always made from 100% merino wool.

If they are equipped with buttons or zippers, these are nickel-free fasteners specially developed for babies by the renowned manufacturer YKK.

Mulesing-free merino wool

Our products should be worn with a clear conscience and joy. That's why we only source and process mulesing-free raw wool. We have this bindingly confirmed by our suppliers.

General care instructions

Pure merino wool products do not need to be washed often. A simple airing out is usually sufficient.

If washing is necessary, this can be done either by hand or in the machine at up to 40 degrees.

For machine washing, the spin speed should not exceed 60 revolutions. Select the delicate, hand wash or wool wash program.

When washing, close all zips to prevent the wool from pulling threads. In addition, a laundry net should be used to protect the laundry.

Please use a special detergent for wool (e.g. Perwoll ) or a shampoo as detergent. Do not add hygiene or fabric softener when washing. Even special detergents for babies (e.g. Filetti Sensitive) are not suitable for merino wool!

When washing by hand, it is important to ensure that the item of laundry is neither vigorously scrubbed nor wrung.

Size Chart

to help you make the right purchase decision

The following size table should help you to find the right size for your WOOLREX product.

The size for baby and children's clothing is based on the length of the child's body. With a body size of 53 cm, clothing size 50-56 should be selected.

The age information given in the size table is only to be understood as a guide and represents a general average ratio of age to size.

For birth gifts, we recommend size 62-68 if the height of the newborn is not known. 

The rule of thumb for baby sleeping bags is the following calculation:

Body length - head length +10 cm = sleeping bag length

Size Chart

clothing size age Height sleeping bag length
50-56 0-3 months 50-56cm 60 cm
62-68 0 – 6 months 62-68cm 70 cm
68-80 6 – 12 months 68-89cm 90 cm
80-98 12-18 months 80-101cm 110 cm

3 - 6 years

101 - 116 cm 130 cm

The natural fiber merino has natural elasticity. This effect can be intensified with an appropriate knitting technique. This is also the reason why baby clothes made of merino wool can be worn for a relatively long time and the child does not outgrow the clothes quite as quickly.

Long sleeve shirts / sweaters

We give the age as a guideline. The wool in combination with the weave has a slight stretch effect, which is why the shirts are rather large. In the following table you will find the respective sizes as well as the dimensions for the sleeve length (each measured from the middle of the neck), the chest circumference, the hip circumference and the back length.

2 92 87 - 92CM 52CM 48CM 40CM 37CM
3 98 93 - 98CM 54CM 51CM 44CM 41CM
4 104 99 - 104 cm 56CM 53CM 50CM 45CM
5 110 105 - 110 cm 58CM 55CM 53CM 46CM
6 116 111 - 116CM 60CM 57CM 56CM 47CM
7 122 117 - 122 cm 62CM 59CM 59CM 50CM
8th 128 123 - 128CM 64CM 60CM 62CM 53CM
10 140 135 - 140CM 68CM 64CM 68CM 58CM
12 152 147 - 152CM 72CM 68CM 74CM 62CM
14 164 159 - 164CM 76CM 72CM 78CM 66CM

Note on color representation

Please note that there may be distortions in the color representation due to the lighting conditions in the product photography and the different screen settings through the use of different display technologies and your individual display settings. The colors shown on the product photos can therefore differ from the actual color of the products shown!

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