The specialty of Merino

Merino is the finest and softest sheep's wool.

It comes from a special breed of sheep, the merino sheep, and can therefore not be compared with the classic sheep's wool, the new wool.

WOOLREX wool fiber strength

Merino wool without itching

The fine fibers are the secret. Because these make Merino so soft because they are more flexible than those made of traditional wool or even than those with a higher fiber strength. 

Soft merino wool is gentle on the skin and does not leave a scratchy feeling. Therefore, WOOLREX products can also be worn directly on the skin.

The right clothing for skin eczema

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Baby skin is particularly sensitive because its natural protective function is not fully developed in early childhood. 

The sebaceous glands produce less fat, which causes the skin to dry out more quickly. Also, the pH value of the baby's skin is not fully developed. As a result, the skin also reacts more sensitively to the friction caused by textiles. The consequences are often unpleasant itching eczema up to neurodermatitis.

Super fine merino wool is not only pleasant on the skin, it even has a soothing effect on skin eczema.

This is proven by a scientific study that investigated the fact that skin irritation caused by clothing is caused by coarse fibers, regardless of whether they are wool or synthetic fibers. 

Determining the effects of superfine sheep's wool on infant eczema
Merino wool vs. cotton. The graphic shows the effect of superfine merino wool on infant eczema. © Woolmark

Merino wool brings with it many natural properties that have a positive effect on the skin, making it one of the most versatile types of wool.

What are the top properties of merino wool?

✔ Temperature balancing

The fiber structure of merino wool ensures that it warms when it's cold and cools when it's warm. Because the crimped merino fibers form air chambers that prevent body heat from escaping to the outside. Moisture, on the other hand, is drained to the outside, which is why merino keeps the skin dry when you sweat. Merino wool thus regulates the moisture balance and thus the body temperature.

✔ Breathable

Merino is able to wick the moisture generated by body heat or perspiration to the outside. In addition, merino wool can absorb moisture very well without feeling damp. The moisture absorption capacity is around 16%. In comparison, the value for cotton is around 8%. 

✔ Antibacterial

Here, too, it is thanks to the fiber structure that merino wool is naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant. Because the fiber structure prevents bacteria from settling in it. Thanks to their ability to absorb moisture, odor-causing body sweat is reduced, which in turn means fewer odor-causing bacteria can become active. The fiber structure also gives the wool a natural self-cleaning function. Therefore, Merino garments need to be washed less often.

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